Take my Hand - By: Brikene Bunjaku

Take my hand, it’s you and I braving this wind that will face us. Take my hand and I will hold on to you when you are too tired and you think your feet can no longer move. Take my hand and I will cheer you on showing you how easily it is done. Take my hand and let me lead on, the storm is coming but we can move on. The sun is high but our bones are chilled, the wind cuts through us mercilessly.

Give me your hand and give me your smile, when the wind pushes us back so I can carry on ahead. Give me your hand and help me push forward when opening my eyes feels so hard and arduous. The wind is all around us, stronger than I would have thought and it is your little hand that helps me hold on. Give me your hand and you are giving me the strength to push through this storm that I seem to have gotten us in. I don’t know how much further along this road we still have to go, nor when we’ll get there before it starts to snow. But with your smile and your “cheek”, I know I can make it anywhere.

Let’s hold hands you and I, the storm is around but we will still try to reach a shelter that will keep us warm until I can figure where we can find a place to call home. The storm is calming and the wind is letting up, the howling has stopped and it’s getting quiet inside my head. You ask me how much further and I try to see the end, but there’s a bend straight up ahead and it’s making it hard for me to keep moving and take us anywhere. Just as I think that I have reached the end of my line, you point to a bird on the ground and chirping it flies up in the sky. We lift our heads and look at the bird fly up where the sun is bright and there is no wind. I didn’t see the sun or hear the bird sing, it is you who showed me the beauty of everything.

Let’s hold hands there’s a sharp bend on the road ahead and the bird is leading us to the unknown, but I am no longer afraid. The sun is shining and your small hand is in mine, the bird is singing and you are chirping alongside hold my hand zemer we are in for a ride. But I want you to know that as long as I have you I know I will be alright.

Article Source : http://www.articlebliss.com/

Author Resource : The author is a former United Nations spouse and for eight years she and their child accompanied her spouse in his duty stations in two continents. Brikene is in the process of settling down and establishing a routine.