Is Restaurant Olive Oil Poisonous? - By: Alex Ferrari

So is nothing sacred anymore. Can’t you go out to dinner at your favorite restaurant and enjoy an amazing dish with some olive oil as an ingredient, apparently not. Those crusaders over at UC Davis Olive Center did a study evaluating olive oils served in restaurants. The study evaluated 21 samples sold to restaurants and food service sectors. 60% of the samples failed the USDA sensory standard. Some of the oils were so defective that they were classified, by the sensory panel, as “not fit for human consumption“ under the USDA standard.

Some of the samples labeled extra virgin were just adulterated with inexpensive canola oil. Not fit for human consumption is pretty scary. The most common sensory defect was rancid with a stale walnut, crayon and waxy taste. Some oils were so strongly defective that the sensory panel analysis classified the oils as “lampante“ or lamp oil. Yes oil used to light lamps, a grade “not fit for human consumption“ without further processing, according to the USDA Standard.

Lamp oil. Seriously “lamp oil“. So what do you do? I suggest you speak to the manager or chef of your favorite restaurant and ask where they get their extra virgin olive oil from. If they have nothing to hide they will be more than happy to help you. Or you can stay away from olive oil dishes when you eat out.

When I began to write this article I became depressed. In a world that you really need to look at and investigate everything you put in your mouth I foolishly believed that people would not use this kind of adulterated product on people. From chemicals, preservatives, GMOs and so on please make sure you check everything that goes on your plate.

Eat as much fresh organic food as possible. Organic food and oils are certified organic which means no chemicals, preservatives, or GMOs. That will solve many of the issues we discussed here. Enjoy good health. Live and love.

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Author Resource : Alex Ferrari is a writer, director and gourmet food entrepreneur. He co-own Olimila Gourmet Emporium with his wife Maricruz. Alex writes, produces and hosts a weekly gourmet food show called “The EVOO Show“ which you can see here:

Alex and Maricruz found their culinary passion, on their babymoon, amid Napa Valley’s rolling hills. Though their trip to Northern California set the couple squarely in the heart of picturesque vineyard country, it wasn’t wine that piqued their taste buds, but freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil. Won over by its flavor, they were inspired to start the Olimila Gourmet Emporium to share it with the public. With no retail experience, these crazy entrepreneurs opened up shop and the rest as they say is history.

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