Undergraduate Business School Prepares Students for Today's Careers - By: Cameron Rochelle

Students who choose to attend an undergraduate business school get a broad-based education which prepares them for career opportunities in a number of fields. For many years, the world's economy was focused on the manufacturing sector. In recent years, this dynamic has shifted to a service-based model, and the vast majority of jobs in the United States fit this profile.

For business programs to stay relevant to the needs of modern industry and student alike, they must include updated learning tools such as living case studies and situation-based challenges. A person who is considering this type of degree program can expect to study accounting, finance, human resources, economics, management, and marketing as part of the curriculum. Since modern businesses must be run with a global market in mind, a good undergraduate business school will offer programming which looks at these aspects of running a business from a global viewpoint.

Service Sectors Hiring Undergraduate Business School Graduates

Graduates of an undergraduate business degree program can find work in several career fields, including:

Financial Services
Foodservice Management
Project Management
Public Administration

Business Degree Skills and Abilities

A student enrolled in a program at an undergraduate business school will develop his or her leadership capabilities. They will learn how to compile information they are given, evaluate it, and make decisions which will benefit the organizations they are working with. Students also develop their communication and presentation skills through interacting with their peers and instructors while participating in class discussions and working on class projects.

As the student works through the courses required to complete a degree in business, he or she will develop the ability to present his or her ideas with confidence in a business environment. The importance of developing and maintaining relationships in the business world is something which business students are taught in this program, and this is a lesson which will serve them well in their future endeavors.

Undergraduate Business Degree Concentrations

Prospective Business students can choose to focus on a particular subject area which reflects their particular interest and career goals. Choosing the Management concentration is a good choice for learners who want to get the education necessary to take on a leadership role on the job. They take courses which focus on developing the knowledge required to take charge of a team or an entire organization.

A Business degree with a Foodservice Management concentration prepares students for careers with companies which are supplying food to schools or other large institutions, or ones which are involved in food preparation, restaurants and catering companies.
Some Business students may be drawn to the concentration in Psychology. This area of study would be a good fit for people who are interested in using their skills to communicate with and persuade others, such as in the fields of marketing, and sales. Human resources managers would also fall within this category. The curriculum for this concentration would focus on understanding the reasons why people think and behave they way they do, as well as what motivated them to buy.

People who are especially interested in Small Business Management will find this concentration an interesting one, since its courses were developed with this type of enterprise in mind. Courses cover home-based businesses, family-run companies, and franchises. Students also learn about the special challenges which go along with running a virtual business.

An undergraduate Business degree program can provide a student with a good base of knowledge which can be applied to several types of service sectors. Since these types of industries are responsible for creating jobs, this type of degree is a good choice for someone who is considering continuing his or her education.

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