A Creative Writing Degree Helps Students Find Their Voice and Their Way - By: Cameron Rochelle

For those who love to write, whether its poems, novels, or screenplays, coming up with great ideas is the easy part. The ability to take the idea and shape it into a cohesive and compelling finished work is the most difficult part of writing. A creative writing degree at the right college will help students become disciplined and skilled in the art of writing.

Creating a novel is a long and arduous process. The ability to take an idea and shape it into 200 pages of gripping and page turning content is not easy. Many people will start off in great spirits, only to fail along the way as their enthusiasm peters out. Dialogue is difficult, creating compelling characters is troublesome, and organizing thoughts and ideas can be nearly impossible.

A creative writing degree will help teach students to create an outline for a story to make sure that all of the necessary elements are included and continued throughout the story. It will help a student organize his or her thoughts to make sure the different pieces of the story come together without trailing off or ending abruptly without a satisfactory conclusion. The program will also help students learn how to write dialogue that will bring the characters to life.

One of the most crucial elements of a creative writing degree is the school’s staff. Faculty need to have experience in the various disciplines of the field so that they can relay their experience to their students. They can help students learn techniques that will help breathe life and passion into their work, and show them that they can succeed in their dreams of being a writer.

Personal attention is another important factor of a successful creative writing degree. Each person’s ability is unique. In order to successfully find the writing voice inside a student, a professor needs to be able to work with and learn about each student. This is not a common element in undergraduate programs, so those two or four-year schools who have this as a part of their curriculum are exceptional.

Finding a writer’s voice isn’t always easy. Sometimes it may speak loud and clear, telling the writer exactly what to say. Other times, the message is garbled, full of static, or even disappears altogether. A writer needs to be able to coax that voice even, when it is reluctant, so that they can write their poetry or novels with their unique stamp of personality.

The best way to hone the craft is to write. Like any muscle, the ability to write needs to be exercised daily in order to improve. A degree program in creative writing needs to offer students the ability to hone their craft daily so that they can strengthen their abilities.

Students pursuing a creative writing degree should search for a college that embraces the idea that students need to be nurtured and encouraged to hone their craft. The faculty should have the experience to help students by imparting their knowledge. The environment should be one of encouragement and inspiration to work together and find new ways to use their skills. Those who are searching for a liberal arts college should consider these factors when they are looking at their options. They should also look for arts and design colleges, as their creative writing programs are innovative.

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Author Resource : Cameron is contemplating a creative writing degree(http://www.santafeuniversity.edu/ProgramsOfStudy/CreativeWriting.aspx) as opposed to a traditional education degree.