Natural mole removal - By: Mario Cora

Only one mechanism is being followed by all these mole removal creams and lotions. Cost is one of the deciding factors for people who choose natural mole removal methods over surgical procedures: they're much cheaper.

The price of these mole removal creams range from 20 to 80 dollars. Ten moles are actually 'peanuts' for these creams. The pursuit of more beauty is the main reason moles are being removed. But if the mole removal method leaves scar, then there is no use in performing it. It is up to you then to pick a mole removal method that won't leave any traces of a scar. In this aspect, natural mole removal is the best solution.

Your skin will be safe from any scalpel or scissor or any other excision instrument. There will be no inducement or premature pulling off of scab. The most effective creams can make moles start fading in just 2 days. The scab starts to form in 2 to 3 days. The scab will eventually fall off in just one week. For some scabs, it may take longer, about ten days. Very sizeable and raised moles will take even longer.

After scab removal, red tissue is formed. This also disappears in another one month. Then you will be able to enjoy a clear, unblemished skin. Applying these mole removal creams directly on the moles will earn you a stinging sensation. This will not be so painful or like a burning sensation. It will be a tolerable pain.

In the event that no stinging at all is felt by you, it might be that the cream was not applied on the moles properly. You will not be using any local anesthetic or general anesthetic for natural methods. But you can try a simple scratching technique with needles.

Piercing the mole region directly with a needle could work wonders. These treatments are very much applicable, even from home. Make it a point to have the moles sterilized before applying any lotion or cream.

You can use a small pumice stone to rub the moles. Remember to stick to gentle rubbing. You might end up having rashes, if you don't keep the rubbing gentle. In the very same way, needles are also used. If you pierce too much, you may encounter some skin infections down the line. The scab should be left alone until it drops off on its own.

Apart from creams, there are so many natural remedies using fruits like apple and pineapple and natural oil like flax seed oil. If you want more options, you can look into the many Ayurvedic remedies. If you have the doubt about whether natural mole removal process has risks associated with it, you might be right. Natural mole removal methods, as with other methods, have its merits and demerits.

One of the most common disadvantages is the skin infection that occurs after the mole has been removed. That can be prevented by making sure everything is sterilized when you perform the treatment. Natural mole removal methods would not work for malignant moles. Malignant moles would be better off treated with laser surgery.

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