Active Directory Services - A Network Management Technology You Must Have - By: sharath reddy

Earlier termed as the 'NT Directory Service', Active Directory Services (ADS) is a well-liked network management technology that you just cannot afford to miss. It has an inimitable hierarchical format that enables you to manage your network efficiently. Originally developed by Microsoft in late 90s, ADS is now extremely popular with IT professionals dealing with the Windows environments. Using an AD is highly beneficial particularly because -

- It can be used within large as well as small server farms
- It has an amazing power for managing and querying sophisticated applications
- Its functionality is not dependent on geographic locations
- Last, but not the least, most of the AD management tools are flexible and their scalability can be easily adjusted according to your requirements.

Active Directory Services (ADS) is a must-have technology for IT professionals of today for a large number of reasons. Some of its advantageous features are as follows -

- It has the ability to synchronize the directory updates across different servers.
- It has the Kerberos-based authentication.
- It allows the users to reset their passwords very easily.
- It has an inherent locking mechanism for all user accounts.
- It also allows DNS-based naming.
- It functions as a central location for efficient storage of available application data and easy management of the network.
- It provides easy access to users' unique information.
- It can also link various devices for different users.
- It provides speed and ease in viewing the help tickets.

Thus, ADS has a number of benefits and it is these valuable features that make it a unique network management technology that you must have. In addition to all the aforementioned valuable features, an Active Directory Services Domain also enables you to assign policies and apply crucial updates within the entire network for optimal management of IT assets. However, note that access to AD may be a charged expense in several related products. If you want to avoid these unnecessary expenses of Active Directory, you can take the help of free software programs available online.

You can find a number of free ADS tools online. These free tools can be used to secure the network inventory, link various devices to different users, reset users' passwords, lock user accounts, and a lot more. These tools usually come with free online support to help you monitor and manage your network in the best possible way with Active Directory Services.

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Author Resource : You may also browse through - A free to use site with lots of technical Articles, Tips, Blogs, Questions, and Solutions related to IT software and hardware

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