Three Tips to Help You Lose Weight - By: Phil Tucker

When it comes to diets, most people dive in with a huge desire to lose hundreds of pounds all at once, and them emerge blinking a few weeks later, disappointed, depressed, and off the wagon. Their attempts failed, they feel miserable, and now they're eating worse than ever. What happened? Why did their efforts go awry? Of course there are hundreds of reasons this could happen, but often it's because they tried to lose too much weight too soon, and imposed draconian measures upon themselves that they have no hope of following. So instead of beating yourself up, try these three tips which alone should help you drop pounds with ease if followed consistently. Add them to your diet, and you'll find the journey to weight loss even easier!

The first tip is the easiest, but surprisingly rarely followed by people who are intent on losing weight: drink beverages that are low in calories. Simple! Yet how many of us load our coffee with creamers and sugar? How many of us get 'healthy' iced tea bottles at the supermarkets which are packed with sweeteners? How many of us love to get those huge bottles of juice that are brimming with sugar? Instead, stick to the basics. Black coffee, unsweetened tea, and water. If you really want to sabotage your diet, then go ahead and drink soft drinks and sugar packed beverages. Otherwise? Steer clear!

Second, take a moment to think about how you eat. If you are eating out of take-away boxes, standing by the fridge, and shoving the food in your mouth, you'll never lose weight. Instead, try following these tips: use real plates, but try to only use small ones-huge plates ask to be filled. Serve small portions, and eat them as slowly as you can, giving your body time to figure out when it's had enough. Chew a whole bunch to aid digestion and avoid bloating. Serve yourself your portion, and then sit down away from the big pot of food so as to not be tempted to serve yourself more. Easy!

Finally, try to get into the cycle of what's fresh and local when it comes to produce. Doing so will not only save you big bucks, but will also ensure that you're eating food that is as healthy and packed with goodness as possible. Start frequenting your local farmer's markets, and see what you can put on your table that's seasonal!

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