Food Display - By: Gareth hoye

Having the right food display options in a cafe, restaurant, deli or other outlet is vital for attracting passing customers and presenting items for sale in a way that will encourage people to buy.

Here at Top Food Service Equipment, we have a wide range of food display products on offer for customers of all budgets, and as we have a wealth of experience in the food and catering sector, we understand exactly what our customers are looking for when they come to us for food display devices.

We recently added a new range of food display options to our stock and these food display devices are fantastic for cafes and delis, as they allow food to be attractively displayed near to the till but also store the food in a secure and hygienic environment.

Our CafeCounters food display range has been specifically designed with cafes and delis in mind. Modern cafes and independent food stores will often have fresh produce on display – olives, salami, meats and cheeses are popular options – and these food display devices store the food at the right temperature, keep them bacteria free but also look great.

As well as cold refrigerated food display options, our CafeCounters range includes heated food display devices for food which need to be kept at a certain temperature. Customers who often choose this food display option include those who have a hot chicken counter in their store, or companies who sell pies and pasties.

Over the years, we have seen our food display customers become more and more concerned about the impact of their store operations on the environment, but those coming to us for food display can benefit from low energy lighting in all our devices.

This can also help food display customers to benefit from lower energy bills and we understand how important cutting costs can be when running a company.

If you are looking for great quality food display which can be used with all types of produce, get in touch with us today and check out our varied range. We guarantee that our food display range is second to none and that all our devices will give years of fantastic food display service.

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