How to Choose Fruits to Eat to Keep Healthy in Autumn - By: Code Blue

No matter in what seasons, fruits are the favorite foods for people and they have different nutrients that beyond imagination. Here I will recommend several suitable fruits for people to eat in autumn.

Grapefruits contain lowest carbohydrates and they are the best choices for diabetes. As we all know, the rich content of carbohydrates could increase the blood sugar and insulin, causing obesity and even diabetes and heart diseases. People are better not to eat over 200 grams of grapefruits every day. The newly picked grapefruits should be placed indoors for about two weeks so that the taste will become sweet.

Citrus is abundant in vitamin B1 and it could relieve cough and reduce sputum. Vitamin B1 plays an important role in the signal transduction of nervous system. In the fall, citrus contains the highest amount of vitamin B1, so people could taste one or two citruses every day. However, people are not suggested to eat too much, because eating too much citruses is easy to get inflamed. The white fibers on the flesh should not be removed, because it is beneficial to body health such as chronic bronchitis, coronary heart diseases and other chronic diseases.

Fresh dates could soften the blood vessel and prevent cancer. Compared with other autumn fruits, dates contain more vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and so on. Vitamin C could soften the blood vessels and prevent hypertension, coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis. Meanwhile, vitamin C helps to block the formation of carcinogen N-nitroso and reduces the risk of tumor; potassium can enhance the excitability of muscles and participate in the carbohydrate synthesis and energy metabolism; magnesium inhibits the excitability of nerve and plays roles in protein synthesis, muscle contraction, and body temperature regulation.

The rich dietary fiber in pomegranate could not only prevent constipation but also treat diarrhea. Different from corn, the dietary fibers in pomegranate are water-soluble and they will not be broken down by enzymes to prevent constipation. Meanwhile, the bacteria in intestine could take advantage of these fibers to ferment and produce vitamin B. Although it is a little complex to eat pomegranate, I think people could eat some for health.

Eating the right fruits in the correct seasons is the natural method to keep healthy. So, why not take some above fruits to keep healthy?

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