Complications of Varicose Veins Northern Virginia and Its Treatment - By: john jozen

The pressure built up on the legs can become the reason for formation of varicose veins. Though this condition is quite common in elderly people still there are people who are of young age who suffer from this problem. Research indicates that 8 out of 10 people are likely to develop thread veins in future. Obesity is another cause for vein pressure and it gets even severe if you become pregnant. Once it was believed that varicose veins Northern Virginia attack only women and not men. But around 39% of men are getting affected by this disorder. It becomes obvious when a woman get infected with this problem since the legs are not covered but men always are fond of wearing trousers which cover the internal condition of their legs.

People who keep sitting and standing for long time are more prone to veins disorder than others. It is essential to change the position frequently, for those who are employed in jobs which require complete standing. Though there are no visible symptoms for this disease you can get pain and heaviness in the legs and the surrounding area. Some people complain of aching and itching sensation in their legs and severe pain is also seen in few cases. The condition becomes intense during hot weather and during menstruation cycles.

If a person is affected with varicose veins it is more likely to turn into some complications in future if not treated. Superficial thrombophlebitis is a condition in which the veins become very reddish, hot and painful. Deep venous thrombosis can take much serious form and it may take few months to get it treated. It is essential to consult a vascular surgeon for getting rid of varicose veins. If there is brown coloration in the skin near ankles it is called chronic venous insufficiency in which the veins become very thick indicating more tissue damage. In few cases bleeding occurs from the area which is affected but it can be treated easily.

Treatment for varicose veins Northern Virginia is available in many clinics. Surgery is one of the effective ways for treating varicose veins. According to the condition of the disorder, your doctor may give you Endovenous Laser Therapy which is increasingly used for many people. Through Radio Frequency Ablation the doctor would strip away the damaged tissues and veins. Injection is given directly on the veins for reducing inflammation and pain but the nature of treatment differs widely on individuals depending on the condition of problem and severity.

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