Playing With Foreground: Image Manipulation (clipping path, photoshop image masking, multi path). - By: Md Arif

You may find no dearth of Image Manipulation practice when it comes to image foreground extraction but you will come across a number of unwanted problems; for instance when you want to want to mask complex images with thin or semi transparent objects like hair from its background. Only an expert graphic designer has solution to this problem. In such case, a layer mask is to be created for extracting a foreground. As a matter of fact, if masking is applied to a model with long hair, hair selection which is a major role becomes difficult because hairs are thin and transparent from many sides. Without layer mask it becomes difficult for identifying and separating them in orderly manner.
The lasso tool is one of the tools that play a significant role of Image Manipulation. But clipping path is a best image extraction tool where expertise matters. This method is used to extract the foreground any digital photo image. But here easy selection method cannot be done to get your work done. Rather automatically select will work to select each pixel of the photo ensuing semi transparent selections to do final delivery of the work.
Inverted colors can be used in an image to play with the color contrast which will create grayscale silhouette automatically us yet another photo editing or image manipulation technique. This process is used for image masking as well. There are numerous examples where you will bring out desired effects without difficulty. Usually image manipulation is not intricate but the complexity of the errand makes it a bit tiresome particularly if you are new to this field. Expert hands make the manipulation task more perfect giving desired results. Today there is no dearth of graphic design service firms that promises to offer great work at minimal cost when it comes to great photo editing. However, make sure, complex photo editing work must be delivered in the hands of experts. Only experts make sure to get that best photo, which can be exhibit to the world.

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