Getting Familiar With Food Allergy - By: Sam Christian

Allergies are a common problem particularly in a household with children. They spend their precious time and hard earned money trying to find a cure.

Some of the most common food allergies in children are to eggs, milk, fruits, seafood, nuts, particularly peanuts and occasionally, to wheat. Common symptoms include itching, nausea, breathing roughly, fainting, swelling and abdominal pain. However, the indications can vary from child to child.

A large number of adults also become victim to allergies. Allergies may not be restricted to food only; allergies to dust and smoke are very common too. However, a visit to the hospital emergency room is more than often triggered by an aversion to food than any other reason.

With the issue of intolerance to certain types of food, it becomes difficult to manage a healthy diet. To diagnose allergies the most common tests performed are a blood test, skin prick test and food challenges. These tests determine what a person maybe allergic to and thus may avoid it in the future.

The widely observed food allergy in terms of food component is protein's allergy. As protein is an essential food component with high nutritious value, so in case a person is abandoning proteins due to allergy should seek substitutes to balance out the negative effects on health caused by avoiding proteins. People having wheat allergy may develop a disease named coeliac which is a condition characterized by weight loss or failure in weight gain. Children in particular get more affected by this disease. Dieticians and diet guides suggest replacement food items to people with food allergies like goat milk or soy milk can be used as an alternative to cow milk. Likewise poultry products can be used instead of seafood in case of allergy. Rice can be replaced by wheat or other vegetables can be used instead.

Food allergies lead to constrained diet plans which cause extensive weight loss with perpetual feeling of tiresomeness particularly if a person's allergy pertains to a food item considered intrinsic in his or her culture. But a healthy life style can be maintained with the help of holistic remedies offered by today's world. An allergic person may develop frustration by avoiding staple food items especially children who cannot overcome their craving for tempting food items.

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