Get a Girlfriend - Tips To Help You - By: Brian Oneill

If you are tired of flirting and dating many women, you have arrived at that stage where you are ready to get a girlfriend. The girl you want to have a serious relationship with may be your office mate, a former schoolmate, your sister's best friend, your neighbor, or someone you still have not met yet. If you want to really get a girlfriend, you have to look for her in places that you go to. Here are a few things you must keep in mind.

You have to know the kind of girl that interests you. List down the qualities that you like. Whenever you meet girls, try to see if they possess the traits that you have listed. These traits can be about physical appearance, attitude, emotions, likes and dislikes. If there is a certain girl who possesses these qualities, you can start pursuing her or you can solicit the help of mutual friends to communicate your interest in her.

Once you have seen the girl you would like to have as your girlfriend, show interest in her . This includes her family, her friends, her work, her interests, her goals and dreams and her activities. When you get a girlfriend and you enter into a relationship with her, make sure that you are emotionally ready for this. You have to make sure that you are ready to make a commitment. If you have any unresolved emotional issue with an old sweetheart, deal with this first and make sure you have cleared it up.

Always make friends with the girl you want to have a relationship with. Be someone she can talk to easily and she can count on during times of trouble. She must become comfortable with you first. You should always be that person she can converse with easily. When she has learned to relax with you and has gotten used to having you in her life, you will surely get her to be your girl.

Always surprise her with special gestures and meaningful gifts. Court her by giving her flowers and balloons, and taking her to restaurants, the movies, and other romantic places. Show respect and shower her with attention. Make her feel that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. With your thoughtfulness, you are sure to get a girlfriend.

In courting the girl of your dreams, you must do so with confidence. Never give up when she turns you down at first. She may just be testing your patience and sincerity. If she says no, never accuse her of anything. Just tell her you will patiently wait until she is ready to commit to you. Do not be discouraged and just continue your courtship. Sooner or later, she will see you are honest about your feelings.

Be very certain about your decision to enter a relationship. You cannot enter one today and regret the decision tomorrow. Remember that a relationship involves another person who has real feelings and you have no right to play with her. To get a girlfriend requires the desire to be in a relationship.

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