Low Cholesterol Recipes For Healthier Eating - By: Becky Snodgrass

Perhaps your doctor has told you to change your eating habits, due to cardiovascular concerns. It is possible to enjoy low cholesterol recipes, and not sacrifice any of the taste and eye appeal. Here are some ideas and suggestions, that you may find helpful.

Healthier Breakfast Omelet

Most omelets are not the healthiest choice that one can make. For example, they may contain a great deal of fat and cholesterol from eggs, ham, sausage, and cheese. If you make a few substitutions, you can enjoy a healthy selection and not sacrifice good taste. Try using an egg substitute, and see how you like it. It may be better than you think.

You can try an egg white omelet. It will take several egg whites, but if you add things like fresh green onion and jalapeno peppers, it can make your omelet tasty and interesting. You also may wish to sprinkle a little bit of your favorite shredded cheese on it. Make sure and slow the cook the omelet, for better taste.

When you apply cheese to an omelet, be careful not to use too much. You can use a small amount, and still enjoy a nice cheesy flavor. If egg white omelets are not appealing, try a lite omelet with a whole egg and some egg whites. Add some cooked potatoes or hash brown potatoes, and cook them in a healthy oil like olive oil. Potatoes are a healthy food, if they are properly prepared, as they contain no cholesterol.

Healthy Fruit Bowl

You might wish to enjoy a treat of ice cream and cupcakes, in a large bowl. However, this kind of treat has many repercussions. If you have a sweet tooth, it can be satisfied with the right substitutions. Cut up several pieces of fresh fruit and put them into a bowl.

When you make your fruit bowl, you might wish to use cantaloupe, apples, bananas, grapes, strawberries, or whatever is in season. Next dump a six ounce container of vanilla yogurt on the fruit, and mix it in. Make sure that you use a low fat selection of yogurt. This can provide a very tasty dessert, without all of the empty calories, and fat.

Final Thoughts

Just because you are looking for low cholesterol recipes, does not mean that they cannot be tasty and appealing. You can have an egg white, or one egg omelet, with potatoes cooked in olive oil. It will taste good, and be good for you. Instead of ice cream, have a big bowl of fruit with low fat yogurt. This can satisfy cravings, without causing health concerns.

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