The Ten minute work out: How to lose belly fat - By: Betty Crane

Ways on how to lose belly fat can get frustrating. Belly fat is by far the hardest and slowest to burn. After already a few weeks of exercising, we see no results or if there are any, very minimal results. Your in luck as listed below are tips on how to lose belly fat using a ten-minute work out plan everyday. Yes, it only takes about ten minutes of your everyday to achieve those sexy, nice love handles you've always wanted. This work out plan can actually help you burn 150 calories each day.

Jumping Rope. Your first activity is to jump rope for about 2 minutes with two jumps per turn of the rope. Remember to always land the balls of your feet softly on the ground. Jumping is good cardiovascular work out as it allows your lungs to dilate and constrict rapidly distributing more oxygen all over your body.

After jumping, you do squat thrusts to push-ups for about 1 minute. Keep your shoulders level and hands to the sides. Slowly squat down with your head leaning forward. Touch the ground with your hands and point them forward. And in one movement, push your legs back to get you in a push up position and then do at least one push up. After the push up, jump back in to your squat and stand up.

Next would be to jump rope again but this time with only one jump per turn of the rope. Turns should also be faster than the previous jumping rope session.

Squat thrusts to push ups position again but this time with a twist. You will add the side plank position and do this 1 minute as well. When you are already in the push up position, carefully lift and rotate your left arm over your head leaving your right arm in tack on the ground. Your left foot will also rotate so that it is resting above your right foot. Rotate your neck as well, so that you are facing the ceiling. Twist back to your push up position and do this on you right arm. After doing so, jump back to your squat position then stand.

Jump rope again for another minute just like the second session. Keep motivating yourself that you are losing weight.

Squat thrusts to push-ups this time instead of the side plank you do leg raises. When you are in your push up position slowly lift one leg behind approximately 12 inches off the ground. Do this on both of your legs and then jump back to squat position then stand.

Jump rope for one minute again.

Squat thrusts to push up again but this time instead of leg raises or side plank you do mountain climbers. While in your push up position, jog in place. Yes, jog while you're almost lying on the floor. Be sure that your knees are almost to your chest. Do this for a minute.

Lastly, jump rope. This will already be your cooling down exercise.

As you may have observed, all you really have to do is jump rope and do squat thrusts to push ups. It is just a matter of intensity and motivation one person has. Now you know how to lose belly fat in ten minutes. Start exercising now to achieve those sexy curves.

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