Handy Tips and Tricks for Your Baby's Skin Care - By: Andre Contado

Baby skin care is more complicated than most people think it is. Keeping your baby's skin clean and clear means taking care of his or her whole body. Newborns especially are susceptible to skin conditions as they get used to life outside of the protection of Mother's womb. The best baby skin care involves parents making smart decisions all day. Everything you do from dressing your baby to bathing her will affect her skin. Don't worry though: practicing proper skin care for your baby does not have to be difficult or complicated. With some basic common sense, skin care can be incredibly easy. If you need some help figuring out a good routine, here are a few hints to help you out.

Putting sunscreen on arms and legs is obvious--remembering baby's ears, lips, nose and cheeks is less so. Give your baby some extra protection by applying some zinc oxide to his face and ears when you take him outdoors. And, obviously, your baby will need to wear a hat when he or she is taken out into a sunny day. You can never be too cautious!

Don't use regular detergent on your baby's clothing--use something that is gentler. Detergent meant for adult clothing is harsher than that meant for baby clothing. Regular laundry soaps can leave behind a residue and make your baby's clothes rough and irritating. A gentle laundry soap won't roughen up your son or daughter's clothing and it rinses off the clothing more completely so you won't have to worry about any residue being left behind and causing a skin irritation.

You don't need to use very much soap at all to keep your baby's skin clean. A few drops are about all you need to clean him thoroughly. If you use too much soap you could dry out his skin which will leave him vulnerable for skin irritants. Don't put the soap directly on to your baby's skin. Instead squeeze the soap onto a washcloth and then lather up your baby's body and rinse it off quickly. You might find it easier, especially in the beginning months to lather and wash one part of the body at a time. Handling a soapy baby can be very scary!

There are a lot of different ways to take care of your infant's skin. Infant skin care does not have to be very difficult or complex. If you buy the right baby skin care products and use your good judgment, your baby's skin should be relatively problem-free. Don't forget that you need to keep all of the skin on your baby's body healthy and clean--the face is just one small part of his body! Caring for your baby's skin will depend on your making a lot of smart decisions all day long, but don't freak out! Before you know what has happened, keeping your daughter's skin clean and clear will feel like a habit. After a while you won't even have to think about it. It will simply be automatic!

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