Modular Buildings. Imagine Lego Bricks And Then Go - By: Cara Brownethorpe

Go with your ingenuity that is. Whatever you can visualize it's possible to have in a modular building, in pretty much any combination or setup. Place them together to fit your site, with respect to its space and topography as well as your criteria for accommodation, rest and canteen facilities, toilets, offices, computer and security monitoring suites, storage space, (which includes hazardous chemicals), even smoking shelters in the event your workforce can't make do with umbrellas.

Consider canteens as an example. A simple unit say 7m by 3m will easily seat a dozen with effectively self catering facilities, kitchen sink, fridge and microwave. However take out the self-catering area in one module and put in a second with full catering services and you've got a cafe that will hold 24 in comfort and in which the excellence of the food is constrained by the chef rather than the amenities.

Better set this unit beneath the foreman's office. In the event the food is that good the dinner breaks may get somewhat extended and we couldn't have that. Just how many designers and technicians are on site? Well a typical 7m by 3m unit would seat up to 8 when they only need a computer desk or 4 if they all need drawing tables also. Partitioning can be organized variously. Better place these people beside the canteen because they will not want to lose out at meal times.

So local labour is going to be limited and you've had to get a gang in who will need to stay overnight during the working week? Not a problem. The standard accommodation block 12m by 3m may be configured to look like a two bed-roomed house if that is what is important, or to be able to sleep some more in the same living space, it could be set up as dormitory style accomodation, toilet and cooking areas incorporated in either case. You'll need separate lavatories as well needless to say for all those site personnel and visitors, the typical unit would consist of a couple of loos, urinals and associated washing amenities plus a disabled facility on a 5m by 3m footprint.

Site security needs an independent space, put this on top of the sleeping accommodation to get a superior viewpoint round the site. Most of these people will would like to be near the canteen as well that will make the entire thing fairly compact, or perhaps it's just a thing I've got about liking my food....

Just like lego bricks modular buildings come in an extensive selection of colours to match whatever objective you have, discrete green , here-we-are red or simply the company colour. In contrast to lego bricks you will find a vast amount of internal detail, fixtures and furnishings which may additionally be specified to ensure that, whatever the task in hand, the site accommodation is absolutely fit for the purpose.

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Author Resource : MAC containers ( provide modular buildings on standard floorplans and in bespoke configurations for all your site accommodation needs.