Site Accommodation - Simplicity Along With Versatility - By: Cara Brownethorpe

The needs for interim accommodation are many and diverse, thankfully the solutions are equal to the task and remarkably quick and simple to put into action.

One of the major requirements for short-term accommodation is not surprisingly, for building site use, but even within this broad category there are numerous requirements which can each be met, with a little planning. A major engineering site is likely to need short term accommodation in several places for a variety of reasons. In some situations (consider the channel tunnel for example) the arrangement is almost like a battlefield with front line (on-shift) workers requiring canteen and toilet services near to the ever moving point of work and further back from the front line so to speak, sleeping accommodation with good recreational amenities, Moreover at different sites there will be the requirement for site protection buildings with complicated feeds from a number of Closed-circuit television cameras. On top of this the generals leading the battle, in this instance the engineers and architects, need to have special accommodation for their own requirements.

All these can be supplied with a combination of standard and custom shipping container buildings. For instance a single 3m by 6m basic unit can furnish a canteen with comfortable seating for 12 people with facilities for kitchen sinks, refrigerators, microwaves and so forth. A 3m by 4m unit can provide a double toilet with additional disabled unit and basins all with plenty of room to sustain a decent level of hygiene.

For the needs away from the 'front line' Standard office buildings are available in a number of formats, by way of example the partitioned 7m by 3m unit will have capacity for, four employees with computer and drawing desks or up to 8 people who only require computer desks. Living accommodation at the top end would include a 3m, by 12m '2 bed-roomed house' that could easily accommodate 4 personnel and supply recreational as well as sleeping and cooking areas.

Remember that there is also considerable flexibility in the amount of interior fitting and furniture provided. If you need hand towel rails next to all sinks you will have them. Dependent upon location and other variables the degree of insulating material, heating and air-conditioning can typically be specified.

Is this not enough? Then draw your personal desired combination of office, living accommodation, canteen and sanitation and discuss it with the experts. The best solution for site accommodation in interim buildings can always be identified whether in single-storey or, if space is restricted, stacked container buildings. The speed with which these structures can be supplied and commissioned on site will mean that the provision of site accommodation is one aspect that the project administrator can just forget about.

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