Where Does The Twilight Starlet Call Home - By: Chris Sturat

Where does Kristen Stewart live now that she has achieved fame beyond imagination in the recent release of a cult series revolving around vampires with a conscience? Holding a role of the love interest of a villain too adorable to abhor, her loss for words look is no longer a laughing stock. Born and raised in Los Angeles, the Californian local probably has acting in her blood as her family's life seemed to revolve around the camera one way or the other. Perhaps an early start in a Christmas play helps to ignite the flame as there was no going back after.

Home to Kristen Stewart is Woodland Hills in Los Angeles. Despite the overwhelming fame showered upon this starlet, she apparently is quite contented to stay with her family as there is certainly sufficient space for all. Due to the recent development in her relationship with her equally celebrated co-star, some rumors have been circulating on some new digs in West Hollywood. The reason for fueling the change in residence is a perhaps natural progression of growing up as she is no longer a teen star but rather a young and upcoming actress seeking serious recognition amongst her acting peers.

During her childhood years, the family relocated to other states for a short stint. Although they are no longer considered home to Kristen Stewart, she may hold some sentimental attachment to Colorado and Pennsylvania having stayed there for a few years during her childhood. Things have certainly changed for this young lady, having being involved in various film productions and holding lead roles in quite a number. Awards and nominations are also aplenty for one at so young of age as the latest series has certainly launched her career towards a wider choice of work opportunities.

Where does Kristen Stewart live in the future is certainly a question up in the air. She has expressed an interest to live and work in the Land Down Under, more specifically in its largest city. As her mother hails from the state capital of New South Wales, Kristen is looking at possibilities to attend Sydney University. Just as much as she loves acting, there is certainly interest for literature and writing in her future. Since anything is possible, there is surely some potential in her making a home in the Australian continent. If opportunities for work and study pave the way for change, it may indeed make her dream come true.

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