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Colona, IL Apr 2011 â€" For all of us in the wood and forest industry, the introduction of forestry trucks come as news of great joy. Forestry trucks of numerous shapes and sizes for various purposes are now available in the market. The trucks have been acknowledged for their capacity and power which has made the work of transporting logs easier and efficient.

With a number of makes of the forestry trucks, the I-80 Equipment Company has helped in the maximization of logger’s profits while giving durable trucks that can serve for longer times. The trucks are built using hard and durable metal that enables them to handle pressure and great weights. With usage of rich wealth of expertise, the trucks have been installed with high performance brakes which allow better handling of weight during transportation.

The forestry trucks also come in different mileage as well as gross weight. The fuel efficiency of these trucks may be different and may also depend on how often and for what purposes they are used. Some trucks have been built and designed to use diesel while others use gas for their operation. The transmission is also different from truck model to the other.

Also, forestry trucks are fitted with elevators taking into consideration the high cost of labour. The I-80 Equipment Company has mounted different sizes of elevators for the lifting of logs and helping in the loading work. This avoids the usage of cranes, manual labour and also raises the efficiency by a fair amount. The i80 equipment company has forestry trucks primarily belonging to the Altec and Versalift brands.

The forestry truck can serve you for many years if it is well taken care of through the appropriate operations and servicing. They are very suitable for big companies as well as private loggers and can be shipped to wherever they are required.

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