Are You Still Low On City Cash? - By: Dazzer Lang

You must have seen The CityVille Club by now. It's actually still on a special limited time offer, so if you haven't check it out yet, do it now before it's too late:

I've received a ton of good feedback from people who joined The CityVille Club on my recommendation. It always makes me happy to hear people get way ahead in the game by using pro strategies rather than just buying coins and cash directly from Zynga (which is a bit sad if you ask me).

Oh yeah, that's another thing I noticed. A lot of people who used to buy cash before have told me now that they've joined The CityVille Club and used the guides they no longer need to buy cash as they are making as much as they need by using the guides!

It's got a strategy guide with all the essential tips and methods. a cash guide which'll show you how to get all the City cash you want, and an awesome speed leveling guide which will direct you through all the quests that need to be completed in the fastest time possible.

It will literally transform your city into something awesome. Think skyscrapers, tower eats and every decoration and other building imaginable.

So I'm super happy that I've actually managed to help a lot of people save money on buying cash.

If you haven't joined yet I strongly recommend doing so now before it gets too popular...

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