Structural Fabricators Are The Bed Rock Of The Building Industry Today - By: A Jessen

Structural fabricators have been around for a long time and form the cornerstone of the construction industry today from both residential and commercial buildings. These can range from large projects such as nuclear and petrochemical plants to small residential work. Keep in mind everyone from the biggest developers to the small guys require the services of structural engineers. They can fabricate and erect all forms of structural steel such as trusses, portal frames, extensions and cladding. The most common way is for the structural engineering services to supply shop drawings with steel detailing for the steel fabricator to work from.

Structural Fabricators are a necessary part of all forms of construction

Architectural metalwork can include balconies and stairways for housing developments. Commercial projects, such as shopping centres, may need fire escapes, walkways, security screens, cat ladders and balustrades fabricated. The architect of the project will need to enlist the services of an engineer for the structural design of the metalwork for the project and then the Structural Fabricators can manufacture and build the steelwork on site.

Structural Fabricators also produce beams and posts for houses, flats and other types of commercial buildings. After initial site surveys are completed steel calculations and drawings are done for the posts and beams required for the job. These can range from simple columns to more intricate cranked beams and hips. The fabricator can supply these beams and other members and then may assist the building contractor in their installation in the structure.

Steel road and rail bridges need maintenance and strengthening. This may involve temporary propping of the existing bridge to allow this work to be done. Structural Fabricators can do the bridge jacking. So once a bridge has been propped the rivets can be removed and replaced, plates renewed and other refurbishments done to bring the bridge up to the necessary specifications. This maintenance is essential to maintain the structural integrity of the steel bridge.

Sometimes buildings need structural alterations and renovations. Structural Fabricators can liaise with engineers to facilitate the alterations of large steel framed buildings. After consultation with an engineer, steel detail drawings can be made for the manufacture of new structural steel members which are needed for the renovation. The redundant steel members can then be removed and replaced with the new steel work. A sound structural design is necessary when carrying out alterations on large steel structures.

Another service which can be provided by Structural Fabricators is the propping of a building. Often temporary structural propping is required during building construction. Existing structures also will require temporary propping during renovations or extensions. Much of this work is carried out underground by using structural bracing frames and needle beams. Reusable, off the shelf, propping systems are also leased by some Structural Fabricators. These can be economical for short term projects. Fabricating specialized structural steel bracing frames may prove more economical for longer term projects. These props are often used in conjunction with hydraulic cylinder jacks to hold the frames securely in place. Once the propping is completed the work should be checked and approved by a qualified engineer. Once the work is completed and the structure is sound experienced workers should dismantle and remove all the propping materials.

Structural Fabricators working together with structural engineers will ensure the new project or renovation’s integrity. Their services are essential for the construction of large plants or small residential projects. The unique ability of these guys to fabricate all kinds of trusses and beams enable unique and flexible styles and designs.

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