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If you are looking for a baby seat for your child, you will know that it is not an easy task to choose the best one.

I have been reading what felt like several thousand baby car seat reviews myself and here is my personal reviews to what I felt may be the best baby seat in the market. Hopefully it can help you to make a better choice for your child.

After searching high and low for the best car seats, I finally settled on the Britax Advocate 70 CS Convertible Car Seat after reading several best baby car seat reviews online. Basically I chose Britax Advocate for three main reasons:

1) They have a very good side-impact protection

2) The steel bar frame that will prevent the seat to collapse on my child

3) It will support a rear-facing child up to 40 lbs.

Initially, I was only searching for a convertible car seat that would cover all stages, including the booster seat. There are a quite a lot of those type of car seats out there. However, the more I go deeper into my research, I realized that there are a lot more to baby seat safety than I had ever thought about before.

On the Britax official website you will find that there is a great video that explains in detail as to why their safety features are so important. After I finish with the video, I was wondering why the relevant authority did not make it mandatory to follow the Britax standard features. They are really good on safety issues.

In the end, I ended up buying two Britax advocate 70 CS Convertible and turning my two and the half years old back around to be rear facing again, even though he has been front-facing for two years. Just so you know, the rear facing position is the safest position for kids to be in.

My son loves it and he also told us that he is much more comfortable in that position. This is because his neck is well supported when he falls asleep. My one year old also loves it. The Britax seats holds our child comfortably, and gives us peace of mind, knowing that the steel bar, safe-cell technology, and side-impact air cushions are there to protect their little bodies.

I was thinking about buying a third Britax car seat so that I don't have to move any of the seats from car to car. I have two cars - a sports utility van with LATCH and a sedan with tethers but no anchors.

I feel as a responsible parents, we will definitely want our precious children to be safe and sound when traveling on the road. We cannot assume that everything will always be fine and smooth, there are just too many irresponsible and crazy drivers out there on the road that investing on one of the best baby car seats will be worth while.

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