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Live Smart 360 Top 5 MLM Income Earner Strategies

Author : David Schlueter

Statistical evidence supports the following statements about Live Smart 360 and the Network Marketing industry. Ninety-five percent of MLM'ers including Live Smart 360 fail to reach the level of success they hoped for when joining the MLM industry. Not only is this fact true but it is sad when you think about it. But here's where the rubber meets the pavement… when distributors get the right training, systems, tools, training, leadership, and motivation, they rocket to success.. What this says about proper training and preparedness in the industry is not good. It's an embarrassing statistic. Too many people are unfairly robbed of the fair chance they deserve to realize the incredible success the few in the industry have attained. Bitterness and resentment toward the industry is often the end result. It's bad for people and it's bad for the industry. So what is the secret sauce then? What is it the top earners in Live Smart 360 are doing that sets them apart from the masses? What separates the five from the ninety five?

The lower ninety-five in Multi level Marketing never learn the real basics first before they go on the M.I.A. list. They fail to learn what the industry is about, invest in themselves, their businesses to the proper degree, and exhibit some of the entrepreneurial patience necessary to succeed. Most do not last long enough to employ the tools, strategies, and systems that top VARIABLE1 producers employ to create great success. Most will never learn how to get into profit, stay in profit, and grow that profit month after month, and year after year. Top earners invest in tools and educational materials that makes the difference in who they become as people and in what they produce in business.

How and where to get leads is a hot topic of debate in the industry as leads are the fuel for your growing MLM business dreams. The average beginning Network Marketing distributor in Live Smart 360 also has no system or platform in place to generate a steady, consistent flow of cheap or even free, quality leads in sufficient numbers to sustain growth and consistent recruiting success. Disappointments arising from poor recruiting methods and the condition of broke-ness brought about by purchasing worthless leads prematurely ends the careers of many newbie marketers. They grumble idly in a state of limited action or no action at all that eventually kills their Live Smart 360 MLM business. Top marketers on the other hand employ automated cheap or free systems to generate a steady flow or quality leads to their business. Then they allow the profits of their success to purchase and invest in more expensive marketing.

Average Network Marketing distributors fail to realize the importance of building relationships with prospects. They think this is an industry of sales instead of an industry of building relationships. The majority of new Multi Level Marketing distributors are counseled to recruit, recruit, and then recruit some more. If recruiting is all you focus on then you are going to go out of business quickly. Inexperienced distributors make a huge mistake in their efforts and try to get laid on the first date. They pitch their Live Smart 360 opportunity long before a relationship or trust is ever established. Top producers never operate that way. Top producers in Network marketing use systems, strategies and tools that build and cultivate the relationship with a prospect long before trying to sell them on their business. The really smart producers put the whole process on autopilot and let it run itself. Using this process the prospect is ninety-nine percent sold before sponsor and prospect make contact. The system does the majority of the work for them allowing them greater leverage and freedom.

Management, training of new distributors and the rigors of growing a multi level marketing team is a major challenge for most people in the industry. This daunting task as it can turn out to be is often overwhelming for novice MLM leaders. This often stops the growth of new businesses as more and more time is spent, training, hand holding, and babysitting new team members who end up dropping out or going on the MLM M.I.A. list, instead of focusing on growth.

Top Live Smart 360 producers deploy systems to educate new recruits in large numbers and on autopilot. Most either develop their own training systems or employ third party credible resources to manage this portion of their business. Duplication of success is the quickest route to freedom and victory in this industry. Your personal achievements have little bearing on your teams success. It isn't what you can do that matters but what you can duplicate in your team that matters the most. If there were no duplication factor in Multi Level Marketing then it would suck. No one would be interested in doing it. Top producers are often top producers because they employ strategies because they employ the secrets many new distributors never hear about.

Top earners grasp the value every new lead represents to their business. Top distributors are better at capitalizing on leads that enter that net yet never join their primary businesses. This is lost potential revenue for most novice distributors and those with no system to harvest these additional sources of revenue. How to capitalize this revenue source is not only easy but it's a fantastic tool for building your business faster and easier than ever.

All the top Network Marketing leaders make huge revenue from the sales of information products, tools, trainings, resources, affiliate sales, etc. that they make to fellow Network Marketers. People who enter your marketing funnels may not be thrilled about what your business is offering. If you are not prepared for this then your potential to earn revenue from that lead just left the building. The best in the industry have other plans for them though. The top producers in MLM market other useful information, tools, services, etc., that will be of interest to fellow opportunity seekers and thereby eventually capitalize much of this otherwise lost source of revenue.. The income from this market alone is is extremely lucrative and it's an easier sell than your MLM company's opportunity. This brings fuel to your MLM engine in the form of capital for marketing. This revenue is a welcome life raft for new struggling marketers who need it the most.

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These are but a few of the top differences and techniques utilized by top earners in the industry that differentiate their results from the ninety-five percent of other marketers out there in the industry. To learn the specifics of the techniques we’ve been discussing visit me at my MLM Training Porthole If you’d like to go deep and get a glimpse of what awesome sponsoring, support, and servant leadership looks like, check out the following Business of the 21st Century seminar that shows you the way to avoid the 3 biggest pitfalls that keep people trapped in a life of debt and mediocrity, and how to skyrocket to success with an MLM opportunity.

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