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Women's Fitness: Diet To Get A Flat Stomach

Author : Flavia Del Monte

Let me ask you a quick question. If you could change one area on your body, what would it be?

Would you choose your stomach?

If you're like at least 80% of the other women out there, you would. This isn't surprising because females are actually genetically built to carry more abdominal fat than males and we don't look as cute having a pouch where hard protruding abdominals should be. Males do have an easier time with this than us females do. So all those times when you've watched how easily your boyfriend or husband is able to shed his belly fat and get a flat stomach - it's partially genetic.

Not to worry ladies, because if you're using the right strategies, you can actually outsmart your genetic tendency and get a flat stomach for good.

Most women struggle to get rid of 'love handles' right around the outer parts of their waists. It seems like nothing they are doing is working, even though they work out at least four days a week, sometimes even six.

Can you relate to this? "I do cardio for 45 minutes up to six times a week. I eat 'healthy' snacks and nothing after 9pm...and I am still not losing weight". If this sounds like you, you may be falling for all the major fat loss and body shaping myths out there.

Let's dissect the issues most women face when trying to achieve a flat stomach:

First, doing cardio every day without actually boosting your metabolism with the right exercises and cardio methods. Ever see someone talking to another person while doing cardio? Are you guilty of it? You could burn more fat in 10 minutes of high intensity interval training than you would doing slow-boring cardio for 45 minutes.

Second, eating so few calories that your body is literally clinging onto its body fat stores for energy. It's true, you do need to eat fewer calories than you burn to get a flat stomach, but if you eat too few calories, your metabolism crawls along at a snails pace and you won't see any fat loss whatsoever...meaning - none - nil - nothing - ZERO. If anything, you might actually gain body fat, and a whole lot of frustration.

Third, lack of focus. Are you guilty of jumping from program to program without actually finishing one? How can you know what is working and what isn't working when you aren't even sure what one earth you did in your last workout?

Let's resolve these issues once and for you can have a beautiful firm stomach:

Let's begin by adding some resistance training into the workout. We want to completely reshape our body so we have more muscle tone and less 'jiggle'. If you've noticed the flabby area right under your arm, just below your tricep, you know exactly what I'm referring too. Cardio alone will not help remove that jiggle because all it does is burn calories. Instead, you need exercise that burns calories and firms at the very same time.

Did you know fat tissue takes up four times the amount of muscle tissue? This means, you can weigh the same but look a heck of a lot different. If you want to look smaller...add muscle!

Next, we want to ensure we are eating more regularly, removing snacks and making them meals - not a measly snack of carrots and celery. We need to fuel our metabolism to keep it burning body fat all day long. No starving ourselves or eating just one big meal.

Finally, choose a program with these fundamentals and stick to it. Focus on the program, implement it and work hard. Track results, measure yourself and know the science behind what and why you are doing certain exercises and why you are eating the things are eating.

My message to you is that if you are currently frustrated that you can't get a flat stomach or you are going into the gym every day but never seeing results, it's time to change something. You need a women fitness diet to get a flat stomach and an exercises program that will propel you forward.

Once you can make the switch over to a proper weight training program (step away from the cardio machines) and focus your diet around lean protein every few hours, moderate amounts of dietary fat, and healthy carbs around training...that's when you'll start to see the results that you should have seen months ago.

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Flavia Del Monte is a Registered Nurse specializing in pediatric care. She is also a Certified Physical Therapist and holds a Percision Nutrition Certification. You can read more about how you can live a healthier life on her womens fitness blog.

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Tags:   flat stomach, womens diet, womens weight loss

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