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Maximize Exercise Results With Proper Post-Workout Nutrition

Author : Wesley Mccormick

Are you one of the 90% who miss it or are you a part of the 10% who get it right? If you want to reach whatever goal you have set, faster, more efficiently, you have to get your post-workout nutrition down! It's simple...and convenient!

Nutrition really doesn't have to be complicated! Guys and girls alike can make drastic improvements in their progress by simply taking a couple of simple steps at the right time....

Seriously...are you looking to maximize your gains from your training efforts and ensure you aren't simply wasting time? Good, then let's make sure you are capturing the biggest possible return from your exercise regiment, whatever it may be!

We call this the "window of opportunity" and it is arguably, the single most important time of the day when it comes to your nutrition!

Almost everyone has heard the importance of the post-workout meal. Many "experts" say that as long as you take a meal containing carbohydrates and protein within 90 minutes after your workout you'll be using this "window of opportunity" for muscle growth and recovery.

Not so fast...This makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever! Why lose time? Why lose opportunity to take full advantage of your gym time? Do you enjoy your training enough to miss getting the full response from it? Why wait?

You see, your body's cortisol levels are rising rapidly immediately upon completion of your workout and the longer you wait to minimize these rising levels, the less opportunity you have to reap the full rewards of your training

AdvoCare Nutrition Makes it Easy

In order to stop this madness as quickly as possible simply grab your water bottle and Catalyst immediately upon completion of your training! A serving of Catalyst (just 3 little capsules) will quickly reduce the negative effects of training on the body and prime your system for recovery.

If you have gone through an extremely taxing training session or rather long cardio session, you can get even greater results by downing your Catalyst with a serving of Rehydrate in order to really enhance recovery.

This is a great way to rehydrate quickly, replace the electrolytes you lost through perspiration and rush some simple carbs to your muscles quickly. It's a great immediate post-workout combination with the Catalyst.

This approach will contribute to faster recovery which stimulates faster size and strength gains.

But wait, you're not done...About 15 to 20 minutes after this you want to be sure to "feed" your body a full supply of macro-nutrients in order to complete your recovery process. To do so, I recommend a serving of Post-Workout Recovery and a serving of Muscle Gain, possibly two depending on your size.

There are a few reasons for this combination, the most important of which is to take advantage of the opportunity to increase insulin levels, thus flushing cortisol out of your system with the simple carbs included in the shake and being to replenish the glycogen your body used for your training.

The added protein from the Muscle Gain will be shuttled into your system to begin rebuilding the muscle torn down during training and aid in the building of new, lean muscle for future workouts!

This approach and combination will provide your body with all the nutrients necessary. at just the right recover and grow as quickly as possible.Remember, you don't want to spin your wheels unnecessarily! Don't ignore your post-workout window of opportunity or it will absolutely lead to severely diminished returns from your training.

If you want help detailing your personal post-workout needs, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to try and personalize the above a bit more for anyone who truly wants to ensure they aren't wasting their time and effort during training.

And for anyone still wondering why we choose AdvoCare for our clients, the answer is quite simple...Science, Testing, Affiliations, Unpaid Endorsers! There is a reason the pros use AdvoCare! If it's safe enough and works well enough for them, it's good enough for me...and YOU!

And remember, for anyone not aware of our 24 Day Challenge, make sure you check it out ASAP! The results around the country are staggering! By far, the healthiest long-term successful weight management program around! There is a reason the elite and pro athletes choose us!

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AdvoCare is Building Champions, Changing Lives Daily! Visit us today:

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