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Video Title Categories

Author : Harry Smi

Categories in the computer games market are used to group games based on their play style or in game challenges. Titles in the gaming market are world independent, meaning that a game can be grouped as an action title whether it set in a fantasy setting of trolls and warlocks or a futuristic city setting with robots and hover trucks.

The following is a list of the most frequently used console title categories and a description for each. Each one of these categories could be broken down into a many sub-categories but I haven't covered any of these here.

Action Games

Playing action games needs really quick reflexes, and the ability to overcome challenges very fast and sometimes under the pressure of a countdown timer. The action game genre is quite broad and covers lots of types of games from modern first person shooter games mainly focussed on combat or fighting right the way back to many of the first video games like breakout or PAC-man.

Adventure Games

Lots of people love playing adventure games, being whipped off to some alien land, of goblins, monsters and spell casting. Adventure games were some of the first titles created. Starting off as text based adventure games and morphing into the huge adventure, role play and puzzle solving games of today.

Adventure games often require the player to directly interact with the environment either by conducting conversations with other characters or by correctly solving problems to move to new areas.

Action-Adventure Games

Action-adventure titles combine many of the greatest aspects of the genres action and adventure. The games often need the player to quickly solve simple puzzles while also being directly involved in combat situations. These games often have open ended stories where one action at the beginning of the story can directly affect the outcome not only of the current scenario, but also of the game ending itself.

Role-Playing Games

Role play games (RPG's) have come a vast way in the last 10 years, from being influenced by original tabletop pen and paper games. Role play games are commonly set in ancient or medieval times where gamers take on roles of travelling adventures or mercenaries and take on quests in order to gain experience and progress through the game.

Fighting, problem solving and conversational persuasion of in game characters is quite common. RPG's (role-play games) can either be fairly open where the player has large amounts of actionable options and can venture off exploring on his own (i.e. Baldur's Gate) or follow a fairly strict and linear storyline (i.e. Final Fantasy Series).

Role-play titles are quite often played online with thousands of other human characters. These MMO (Massive Multi-player Online) games are hugely popular with titles like World of Warcraft having hundreds of online characters at any one time.

Simulation Games

Simulation games often put the players character in a god-like position, where they directly control either the world as a whole, a city, a theme park or a railway. These simulation games tend to fall into either a construction based sub-genre where the character must build up a city or theme park from nothing to a hugely popular destination.

There are also simulation games where the player is in control of just one character. Life simulation games are very popular with teenage females players, because not only can you control a single person but also you can nurse a pet from being born into a fully grown adult pet. You can sometimes manage a whole ecosystem like an aquarium.


Strategy games are often played by fast thinking skilled players. Using carefully planned and advanced strategies their objective is to defeat opposing players or teams. Strategy titles can be both real time or turn based.

Real-time strategy games are very complex than turn based as character decisions are often made on the spot and under pressure from opposing teams. Turn based titles are like chess where you take your time when placing your units then when the time is correct you execute your plans in the hope of victory.

I hope this list gives you a great understanding of the many categories used in the console game industry, and inspires you to try some different genres or games.

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I run Truck Games & Tank Games. Im involved with the gaming industry.

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