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Colonic Irrigation The Parkland Natural Health Clinic

Author : delia sawyer

The Benefits Of Colon Hydrotherapy
Proper balance within the workings of the human body allows a person to live a long and healthy life.
Modern day Europeans are not only busy, but often inundated with the daily demands of work, commuting, and raising a family. Too often, successful professionals who have all other facets of their lives well under control will make a quick lunch stop for a burger, fries, and a soda, taking only a handful of minutes to cram down the so-called sustenance before diving back into the second half of their workday. On the weekends, people often treat themselves to indulgent meals, or fill up on foreign and exotic foods that their bodies are not used to. These innocent yet detrimental habits can have long term health effects on the tissues and cells that comprise the human body.
When toxin levels in the body become too high, the effects manifest themselves in a variety of ways:
The colon is the primary sufferer when an abundance of toxins build within the body. This can result in constipation, diarrhea, a spastic colon, sluggishness, flatulence, abdominal bloating, hemorrhoids, as well as a digestive tract playing host to a variety of parasites. The lungs can also easily be impacted, causing asthma and chronic bad breath. The skin reacts to high levels of toxins by causing eczema, psoriasis, acne, and a variety of other skin problems. Toxicity can rise to unhealthy levels in the kidneys as well, causing sluggishness and cramping. Allergies, as well as nose, throat, and ear inflammation, have also been known to occur in people whose toxicity levels are abnormally high.
The solar plexus is the emotional center of the body, and the colon passes right through its region. If an emotional event is left unresolved, tightness and tension often results in the solar plexus area. This can directly result in the slowing of the passage of fecal material through the colon, often leading to depression, anxiety, and IBS.
Colonic coupled with sensible eating and exercise helps a person to detoxify their body, benefiting them in a number of wonderful and substantial ways:
Underused colon muscles are gently stretched and exercised as the human body naturally uses the gambit of colon muscles while evacuating the water. This provides a stimulating and beneficial workout for the colon, thereby providing relief from constipation, spasms, and pain. The process also reshapes the colon, as an abnormally shaped colon regains its proper shape and size through the gentle act of processing the water. This, coupled with the highly trained and qualified abdominal massaging techniques of the nurse, helps to relieve and correct a variety of feces-related problems.
Allergies are also a manifestation of internal imbalance. Colon Hydrotherapy, combined with good nutrition and exercising, can greatly help to relieve these symptoms. In fact, the process of Colon Hydrotherapy may actually help lessen the need for drug and allergy prescriptions, as the process of flushing out toxins from the body rejuvenates and recharges the immune system.
At the Parkland Natural Health Clinic, we recommend a bespoke treatment program for every client. Given that every person's body and personal health history is unique, the duration and frequency of this program will vary based on the individual needs and objectives of each client. One session very rarely accomplishes the desired result, as we use a program that assess your entire lifestyle- diet, exercise regime, stress related co-factors- to identify potential sources for your current condition, and recommend a bespoke treatment plan. We will closely monitor your results throughout the program. Generally speaking, a cleansing and detoxification program will be highly beneficial in a number of ways.
High Colonic can be used in place of expensive and unnatural laxatives for certain diagnostic tests, as well as pre and post surgical procedures. Please note that this does not replace the advice of your doctor, but Colon Hydrotherapy is clearly a safer and much more natural method of cleansing your digestive tract than ingesting a store-bought laxative.
Whatever your health needs may be, please contact our offices directly, or ask your personal health practitioner to put you in touch with our services.
Cleansing, detoxifying, and rebalancing your body is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Once their internal system is in balance, many clients feel a sense of rejuvenation, elation, and vitality, and are able to get out and do things which they may not have enjoyed for a long time.

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