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Vitamins’ Contribution For Skin Care – The ABC Vitals Of The Ultimate Skin Care

Author : Britto Raj

The vitals for skin care go beyond the traditional concepts and practices(which have only touched the surface of skin functions) as this protective sheath/layer of the human body is rooted in defense mechanisms that fight microbes, warding them off on the surface(like a knight’s armor).

Which is why, it is important that the skin is nourished with all the necessary vitamins through proper dietary intake. Apart from dietary inputs, there is also a wide range of skin-nourishing products enriched with such vitamins, which contribute immensely to skin care.

How do vitamins supplement your skin requirements? What are the constituents of these vitamins, which serve the different layers of the skin-tissues?

Primarily, all vitamins are fortified with antioxidants, which trap the free radicals in the body and prevent them from causing slow-time disastrous effects(tumors, cancer). These radicals apart from causing internal damage also reduce the elasticity of the skin, causes dryness, premature wrinkling and interferes with the collagen levels. Vitamins are therefore the indispensable vitals whose “energy cleanses the skin to radiate the glow of youth”.

Let us deal with skin-care and vitamins layer by layer, understanding the A,B, C of skin nourishment.

Vitamin A, whose chief constituent is retinol, is associated with anti-aging and anti-wrinkling properties. Skin care products containing retinoids work from the roots to fight the signs of aging and render the skin more elastic. Vitamin A derivatives in a milder form also contribute to skin care with lesser side effects on sensitive skin.

Moving over to the B Vitamins, there are the B3 (niacin) and B5 panthenoic acid, which play a key role in maintaining the moisture levels of the skin. Keeping the skin hydrated is important, as this ensures that your body’s “natural garment” doesn’t wear a shriveled look. The moisture in the skin helps to flush out toxins from its surface, to keep it healthy and glowing; for which Vitamin B5 steps in(along with Vitamin E), as an important moisturizer. Niacin is used for its ex-foliating properties and as a new comer in the skin care market niche, it is preferred to the conventional acidic exfoliators (glycolic and salicyclic acid).

The vitamins and nutrients supplied to the skin should be absorbed for the healthy changes to take effect, for which a base to carry all these water-soluble vitamins is required. – That’s where vitamin C comes into the picture. Not only for absorption but also to carry out repair and regeneration work Vitamin C or absorbic acid contributes to skin care. The skin’s core protein collagen which maintains, builds and repairs skin –tissues and cells, gets a booster from this Vitamin . The damage caused by pollution, UV(ultraviolet) exposure or free radicals in the body system is controlled and prevented by the C Vitamin- a fort of anti-oxidants. Vitamin C is therefore a veteran skin care ‘official’.

As mentioned, Vitamins are a powerhouse of antioxidants and Vitamin E epitomizes this property. Skin, dryness, repair, moisture retention, Vitamin E or alpha tocopherol encapsulates the essence of skin care, and is considered more as ‘heirloom’ vitamin as it has been popularized since ancient lore.

Strong roots bound to surface with the fruit of health. And since the skin essentially brings out the inner health, you have the Vitamin K, which repairs damaged blood capillaries causing discoloration especially dark circles under the eyes. The Vitamin with its clotting and penetrating property gets down into the blood capillaries and seals the ‘seepage’ areas of the blood-vessels. Vitamin K supplements are also used to treat spider veins.

The wide spectrum of Vitamins contributing to skin – care and maintaining the inner health as well, signify a health potential mustering the energy of medical sciences, to go deeper for a richer, wider understanding. As an offshoot of this realm of science is Kosher-certified Raw Deal Inc, which operates in layers, strengthening the roots of many an industry from nutrition botanical, Nutraceuticals to the beverage and the baking industries. This multi-functional ingredient supplier, in team-up with Columbia-based B.Altman & Co, fortifies human health with “root-products“ such as fruit powders enzymes, amino acids supplements, baking industries, herbal benefits, international flavors, glandular raw materials, oil powders, vitamins and minerals. Raw Deal Inc., goes deep below the skin of health-care to the roots, where optimal nourishment can bring out the truest radiance of health!

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