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Is Your Lifestyle Working For You?

Author : Michael Nunn

Have you ever thought that you might actually be a slave to your lifestyle rather than it working for you? Many people settle for a second rate lifestyle when they could have a better one these days. Across the globe, far too many people have less money, less time with their families, less of everything that makes life a real pleasure. This article uncovers how to evaluate your lifestyle and identifies a few changes you might make to improve your way of life.

Lifestyle is all about how we as people spend our time. It encompasses everything that makes up our daily lives. Our place of work, the hours we work, financial commitments, our relationships and our overall living situation. It is therefore important to consider the way our lives are developing and determine if we are pleased about it or decide if there is anything we would like to change.

In modern society, the two major controlling factors in lifestyle are time and money. For some people who are lucky enough to be born into prosperous families, finding the money to do enjoyable and pleasurable things is easy. These same people often have choices about the things they can do that poorer people do not have. These wealthy people are referred to as being financially free. They have the financial resources to do whatever they like and therefore are not necessarily tied down to regular type jobs, and instead can choose what to do and when to do it.

Some people have amazing careers that reward them well, financially, and as a result, have plenty of disposable income to buy luxuries and travel to exotic places. However, in many cases, these people depend exclusively on their well paying jobs for their money, i.e. Freedom, and therefore, end up trading so much of their time to be able to buy the nice things they like.

The next group of people makes up the largest number of our society. These are the people end up having to work long, hard hours to generate enough income just to buy the necessities. For the masses of the world, this is generally the case. These people are not wealthy, either in financial terms or in terms of free, spare time. So many people dream of eventually breaking free from their jobs and careers and becoming financially free.

It is often said that the luckiest or happiest folk are those who are able through circumstance to pursue their passions. Those people who by chance or design are able to spend their time doing the things they really love doing. Whether that be spending time with their families and friends, making great works of art, or even writing novels. Being able to do exactly what you want, when you want to do it, is the key principle of a great lifestyle. Sometimes though, you need to do some things you do not necessarily like to do in order to get the financial freedom to do what you do like to do.

If you have a desire for something you do not currently have, or really just want to improve your living situation, you have what we call ambition, often referred to as vision. The fact is, being able to turn your ambition into reality involves a proper strategy for success, and requires determination, motivation, and more often than not, a lot of effort. Being positive and actively working towards a goal is one of the best ways of improving your own lifestyle. By being ambitious and passionate about your goals, you are more likely to make good things happen in your life, and your lifestyle will improve as a result.

Once you have decided what you want out of life, it is important to create a step by step plan for success. Doing things at random may bring good results now and then, but if those actions are part of a methodical plan, then the long term benefits for your lifestyle are likely to be better. Set measurable goals and make sure you check back now and then to see how your performance stacks up. Your goals should be realistic but perhaps difficult to achieve. Motivate yourself to reach your targets and you will develop more integrity.

So, the key to building your ideal lifestyle comes down to a few critical steps. Determine what you have at the moment in terms of time and money. Think about what it is you need to create the best kind of lifestyle for yourself and your family. Next, get ambitious, solidify your vision. Decide what you need and want out of life and what you are prepared to do to get it. Once you have a strong desire or vision, devise a step by step plan for success and go ahead and implement the steps. Set realistic but challenging goals and monitor your progress regularly. You will be rewarded not only by a sense of achievement, but in knowing that you are doing your absolute best to get your lifestyle working for you.

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Michael Nunn runs a number of websites devoted to helping people improve their lifestyles. For more of his articles about getting the perfect lifestyle for you, visit 2bit - the source of everything and his New Zealand based blog site the A1LifeStore - creating a better lifestyle.

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