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A Remedy For Panic Attacks In Difficult Cases

Author : Peter Rubel

Copyright (c) 2010 Peter Rubel

Are remedies for panic attacks out there for you? Whether panic attacks last twenty minutes or a day each, whether they occur occasionally or frequently, they are always about as much fun as a heart attack. And sometimes you cannot stop them even after trying different treatments.

A magic pill to make them go away would be welcome.

Of course there are times when one does stumble upon an immediate cure very soon after the attacks begin. On the far side are those who seem to have tried just about everything, but with little results. Maybe a string of drugs proves more trouble than they are worth. Perhaps other angles of attacking the attacks back all amount to something of a disappointment.

Are you in the latter camp? Do the attacks keep coming despite your efforts against them? Have they returned after you thought they had left for good? Are you feeling disheartened? Has the panic put walls around your life? For example, are you confined to your home or to narrow, non-threatening habits?

In these difficult cases, probably one has not tried enough things or worked long and hard enough at what one has tried in order to make a significant difference. Or a little success has come, just not enough. One hovers in the vulnerable range.

You've got to keep trying until the panic stops or at least is firmly and consistently under control.

In tough panic attacks cases (not all are that difficult), possibly the root cause is rare or the causes are misunderstood or entrenched. For one person, no remedy seemed to help. Then he tried magnesium supplements, and the panic went away. Others face some combination of a troubled past, allergic reaction to mold in the house, chronic stresses, drug abuse, a chain of poor attitudes and responses, a sensitive personality, or whatever.

Seldom are emotions simple. Targeting the cause(s) is often helpful, but finding causes may be difficult (or easy, as the case may be). Treating symptoms may be easy, but if they leave the causes in place, often the attacks can only be restrained rather than cured.

Probably the most sensible approach to finding remedies to panic attacks when one has been discouraged in the fight against them is fourfold: (1) keeping a diary, (2) research, (3) trial and error, and (4) measuring progress.

1) A goal of journal or diary keeping is to track anxiety levels while hopefully matching anxiety to environments, foods, drinks, social circumstances, sleep patterns, and anything else that might exacerbate or ameliorate anxiety. What helps and what hinders? Is one getting better or getting worse over time? Are there cycles? Under what circumstances does one get better or worse? Is there a pattern?

Granted, in some cases a trauma obviously started it all, and one cannot undo the past. But one can develop skills to cope with or overcome the past, and there may be hidden antecedents that contributed to one's reaction to the trauma.

2) Find out what has helped others with similar panic attack problems. Jot down a list of possible treatments, research each as you are able, consult with your doctor (especially if the treatment is prescribed or might have an effect on the prescribed treatment). Put in order of priority in your judgment.

For example, what about calming herbs such as Passionflower and Valerian, supplements such as GABA and 5-HTP, or exercises in controlled abdominal breathing through the nose, positive affirmations, emotion freeing technique, relaxation and physical exercises, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR), asking forgiveness of others, and lifestyle choices that are less stressful?

3) Starting with what you think is the most promising remedy or set of approaches, go through your list. Keep trying. In conjunction with a journal, record the results, possibly on a scale of anxiety like HAMA. If something proves not to be effective or is counterproductive, move on to the next in the list. Add to the list as you find new possibilities.

4) If any remedy or set of circumstances seems helpful or promising, take special note. Remember your successes. Write them down, and if possible, repeat them, even if they are small successes. Let your psyche feel progress. Reinforce what works.

Keep going and eventually you will find one or more remedies for panic attacks that work for you.

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Next be sure to sign up for the free ebook and email mini-course for more help and information while reading about commonly effective breathing techniques for panic attacks.

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