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LED Lighting Into Millions Of Households Overwhelming

Author : Jessie Stone

Efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, high life expectancy and other features make the LED become in recent years one of the most promising applications. LED lighting applications in the business has been generally recognized and accepted, and began to penetrate into the home lighting, Sharp, Toshiba, Panasonic, NEC, Osram and other companies have launched their own home LED lighting products. However, high prices, and device reliability, efficiency, and thermal design technology challenges such as LED lighting in the home hampered the popularity of the application, therefore, how to break price barrier, to solve the above technical problems to become the first semiconductor manufacturers must face.

Cost is the LED into the domestic market, the biggest obstacle

Compared with commercial lighting applications, the huge consumer base makes the LED lighting market in the family of great concern, but the domestic market is extremely sensitive to cost, which led to the slow pace of its development. Maxim Company HBLED product line business manager PieroBianco that "restricting the application of LED lighting into the home key factor is cost. To other techniques (fluorescent is its main competing products) compete for market share, LED lamps must be controlled in the price of 10 to 15 dollars less. "Texas Instruments (TI) senior technical marketing engineer Liu Chao also has agreed to this," Although the cost of LED gradually decreased, but compared to the traditional energy-saving lamps CFL, there is a price gap. "bulbs cost mainly from three aspects, including the high-power LED light, LED control chip and used to achieve good heat and light bulb housing materials. Costs by reducing the drive to reduce the cost of the LED system is one effective method. According to Maxim's PieroBianco introduction, the use of single-stage transformation drive, AC power supply directly to effectively reduce costs. Another way is to drive as far as possible avoid the use of electrolytic capacitors, because the LED lights to the high temperature, high electrolytic capacitor must be selected to maintain an adequate drive circuit life. Therefore, if the drive does not need to use electrolytic capacitors, will save the corresponding cost. The company has introduced a single-stage transformation, no electrolytic capacitor LED lamp driver program.

Undoubtedly, the technical standards will help drive LED lighting in the home successfully. High-brightness LED luminous efficiency over the past few years has been a huge boost, with luminous efficiency, lifetime and reliability on the rise, LED lighting market appeal and value will continue to increase the adoption in the family rate will thus gradually be increased. Than price, to product truly competitive in the domestic market, high brightness LED lighting solutions must also provide dimmable options. By increasing the dimming function, so that users need to adjust the lights according to the actual brightness, but also help reduce power consumption.

Reliability and thermal design challenges

The LED lighting system design, engineers must address the key challenge is to maintain high reliability while reducing costs. Semiconductor lighting and smart grid, said marketing director Zheng Lekang, in order to reduce the cost of domestic LED lighting system, design engineers often tend to use lower grade components, such as lower capacitance or accuracy of the rated lower temperature resistance. If the LED lighting system in the home electronics drives use a lower temperature rating of some of the capacitors, which are rated low temperature capacitor is likely to use a few years (3 to 5 years) after the failure. So, the final situation will be LED lighting system in the long life of LED itself from 50,000 to 100,000 hours (15 to 20 years), but the reliability of electronic drive only because the existence of 3 to 5 years. Thus, engineers in the design can not be at the expense of reliability, cost, and should ensure that the electronic drive and LED reliability and life of the reliability and life match.

Good thermal management and efficient drive circuit for efficient LED lighting system is an important guarantee, "or they may result in reduced system reliability, light failure or product failure.

For the driver part, efficient thermal management is also necessary to enhance efficiency through the loss can be reduced, thereby reducing the heat output. From the controller design to the choice of components need attention. "LED Lighting Taiwan Macroblock Line deputy wake emphasized. Heat will speed up the brightness decay improper handling, thereby reducing the brightness and life of the product. In addition, LED lighting, because the work environment is bad (lightning, temperature, etc.), improve LED drive power efficiency and reliability of a design challenge. shift from the traditional general lighting, LED lighting, consumer products must also meet high quality requirements. Li Qi, Senior Project Manager Liao Guangbin that technology, "LED lighting needs and the traditional lighting products power requirements are different, therefore, developed specifically for the power LED lighting design is very necessary. These needs include a constant current output, support Triac dimmer, single input multiple output string design, low output power high PF value, the new high-power low-cost structure to meet the requirements. "

Senior Application Engineer TamaraSchmitz said, "consumers demand the design of the power factor of at least 90 and more than 80% efficiency. In DC applications, the maximum input voltage exceeds approximately 40V. In AC applications, the input voltage may be 120V or 240V (maximum 277V). high-brightness LED must be running in 120Hz PWM frequency to drive, to minimize any visible interference. sometimes need to change the frequency. In addition to these design constraints, according to the application, isolation and can be used non-isolated design. "Therefore, there is a solution for all applications. Each solution is based on the number and the LED current through the LED specifically defined. According to magnetic components, power components and the selected output capacitor changes, the solution must be adjusted.

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